Hello Monique,

I guess I really want a spell of wellness for all and/or healing, not just humans but for our Earth as a whole as an object. I was wondering if in some way my artwork could be an incubator of that? I just want everything to have a connectedness an understanding to be accepting, compassionate and open to others. Even if its as little as a single relationship as to an artwork with a person, or an artwork to a space. Or something that perhaps transcends beyond the singular relationship of the artwork. I suppose that I've seen how a small relationship like that can transcend from that single experience and affect other relationships that one might carry with him/her throughout ones life. A keep sake that one carries.. Thank you for generosity!  

Kind Regards,
Broderick McGarvey

material list:  Wiccan    W i s h       S pell  Grant Love Money Health Beauty Happiness   an eagle.  a wishing     w e l l  wishing wellness.